Thursday, June 4, 2009


My car is in the shop this weekend for windows that go down but won't come back up. Guess gravity finally caught up with them. Anyhoo, for the last week, I have had plastic taped over Hannah's window because it was stuck. Because of an unfortunate and loud incident when her mother thought saran wrap would actually hold when the car reached speeds of over 30mph, Hannah is terrified of the rigged up window even though Daddy properly secured it. We couldn't go anywhere without her getting hysterical and me worrying that I was causing permanent psychological damage. Finally I had a moment of inspiration and I was right--if she sat in her seat covered in a towel, snuggled up to her life-sized doll, and yes holding her Ariel umbrella she felt almost perfectly safe. So, if you haven't seen us going about town this week you missed it. :) Mimi always double checks, "Mama, it's not raining? It's not raining?"

Well, yesterday parts came in and we dropped it off at the shop for a couple of days. A COUPLE OF DAYS??? CAN I MAKE IT??? So this morning I knew the stroller was the only way to escape the house. Loaded it up, packed the breakfast for travel, and put the girls on the step only to see that we actually DO need the Ariel umbrella today. Sigh. Now the girls are eating the travel ready breakfast on the couch and watching Curious George. I never do that but hey, we are trapped. Thank you Lord, for rain. I know we need it. Give me a grateful heart!

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Stacy said...

I think it's suppose to rain a few days:( So that means we are all stuck in the house! Hopefully the car will be fixed soon. Let me know when you do another playdate. My kids were still in school this past Monday.