Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Toddlerisms

Thanks, Laura for the suggestion. Here are some favorite silly toddler things my girls have said this week:

Hannah: Mommy, I love graham crappers!

Emily: Mommy, it's raining my hiney! (we were diaperless and potty training and Mimi's hiney was the only place it was raining, if you know what I mean).

But my favorite silly toddler moment was when Emily walked over, picked up her own diaper, and laid it out on the floor. She slowly lowered her hind parts over it, laid down, and let Hannah fasten it around her. Yes! My work here is done!


Stacy said...

LOL....yeah you can pass it on to Hannah and not have to worry about it..lol.

Jo Ellen said...

Too funny!

Stephen and Laura Timmons said...

Hilarious! Your girls crack me up!

Rhonda said...

How awesome....those are priceless skills! And I love that it was raining on her hiney!!

JESSICA said...

Sorry we didn't make it to the park today. Check out my blog to find out what happened to us instead!