Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't you wish you'd had Dora when you were growing up?

I mean, really. Who was helping us learn a second language? The Smurfs? Muppet Babies? Punky Brewster? I don't think so.

Emily is a big fan of Dora lately. Two examples:

Today, she was watching with Hannah and I heard her count to 5, I mean cinqo in Spanish! Wow!

The other example's a little more intersting. This weekend, my children got to go to a wedding. At the very nice reception, they were given plates of food and seated at one of the tables. As is usually the case, about two seconds after sitting down to eat, someone had to go potty. So, everyone got up and made the trek. This was a nice place, so the tables were being waited on and cleared quickly. Hence, upon returning to the bathroom Lady Emily found her fare had been whisked away. She looked up at her Daddy and said, "Swiper taked my food?"



jkstrib said...

Lord, have mercy, I love your children. They make me smile all the time!

April said...