Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching my breath

Shew. I don't know how I just managed that.

Today, I took my girls to
a friend's house
Walmart (insert opinion--I loathe this place. Why do I go there? Only on days when it is a necessary evil, seriously. If you shop there on a weekly basis, we need to talk. Couponing and sale chasing will be a breeze compared to the inconvenience of shopping at this place and you will save money, I promise! To be positive, I did have a great interaction with one employee who knew exactly where the brad fasteners I need could be found and she was awesome. Unfortunately, she was the 3rd person I asked.)
McDonald's (in said Walmart)
TJ Maxx

We didn't get down for naps until 3pm. First time in either child's life, I believe, except for when we are traveling that they went down that late. They were great. They didn't argue, fuss, or crawl in the floor like snakes. Yes, that has happened before. They were patient, enjoyed being together, and acted like little ladies. It was so great and yet such a reminder that they are growing up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sunrise

I thought teaching a child to read would be different than it's been with Hannah so far. I pictured a lightning bolt experience. A sudden "ah ha!" moment. Afterall, most milestones are that way, right? Maybe that's why I was afraid I might miss it. I missed her first word (daycare) and her first crawl (church nursery). I don't like missing things when it comes to my firstborn. So I have been over vigilant about the reading process. I have realized, though, that her journey to reading has been more like a slow sunrise than a fast moving thunderstorm. I have been here for all of it, soaking it up, watching the rays of light stretch across the horizon of her mind. It's been awesome.

And funny. Friday she was staring blankly at the Pringles can. After a while, she looked up with this confident smile and said, "Mommy! I know what his name is!" I wondered what in the world she was talking about and how I, a child of the 80's had somehow missed Mr. Pringle's first name. "Og!" she shouted. Og? Really, okay. Then I saw it. There was a symbol, lower left hand corner of the can stating that there were zero grams of transfats in this can. Og. Well, I didn't have the heart to tell her differently so if you come to our house and are offered some of Og's chips, please play along.