Sunday, January 25, 2009

No she didn't!

Downstairs on Friday, I could hear Emily from her crib above me playing car during her nap. Buddin buddin, beep beep, laughing, using the rail for a steering wheel, all of it. She had a great time. When nap time was over and I went to get her, I said, "Emily, no ma'am. We do not play in our crib. You lay down, close your eyes and go night night." She looked at me, put her little hand out towards me, and said, "Mommy hit it?" with this angelic little look on her face. Oh, my. It just doesn't seem right spanking a baby when you are laughing so hard. Terrible twos, I hear you coming and I am terribly afraid.


April said...

Terrible two...loved every minute of them and wish I could go back to them. My babies are all grown up now :(

JESSICA said...

The terrible twos have come early to our house. Laurie's favorite words are NO and MINE. You pray for me and I'll pray for you!