Thursday, January 8, 2009

favorite conversations, part 2

We were outside last week enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. (At this rate, even I am starting to believe that my Aussie hairspray is turning the earth into an oven!) Hannah runs to show me Emily trying to climb up the slide by herself, ladder and all.

I can't tell you what an awesome feat of little muscle this was to watch. Three or four times she had to pull her entire body weight up a distance I didn't even think her legs could possibly stretch. She was so determined and so focused and once at the top, so proud. With Hannah's coaching, I helped her slide down. We repeated Mimi's new feat three times and it was obvious she was exhausted and so she moved on to ball chasing. Serveral minutes later, I had to go inside to use the facilities, gave Hannah instructions, and left the door open so I could listen to them play in the fenced-in backyard. Here's what happened next.

Hannah: laughing
Hannah: silence
Emily: crying
Hannah: Mimi are you okay?
Emily: crying

Hannah, running to the door: Mommy, Mommy, I need your help!
Me, running to the door: What's wrong?
Hannah: Mimi broke her hiney!
Me: (Surveying the situation and also thinking mother's should just get permanent catheters at delivery) But what happened?
Emily: crying and spitting out grass
Hannah: Mimi broke her hiney!

Me: But what happened? How did she fall?
Hannah: She was at the top and she just lay down and plop down on the ground.
Me, motioning: Did she fall from here or here or here?
Hannah, pointing to the top: Mommy, Mimi flied! Se flied down!

Don't worry, Emily was fine. I think Hannah is now actually a little jealous of her temporary super powers.

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