Thursday, January 8, 2009

a few favorite conversations, part 1

Daniel had 1/1 and 1/2 off this year and it was nice to have some help recovering from Christmas. We tackled several projects, and one of those was taking the recycling to the recycling center. Traditionally, Hannah goes along for the ride and I have fifteen minutes or so of watching just Emily.

Daniel: Hannah, let's get your jacket on and get in the car.
Emily: Mimi's! Mimi's cacket! Mimi car!
Me: Daniel, Emily wants to go with you.
Daniel: Silence, look of dread.
Emily: Mimi's! Mimi's cacket! Car! (desperate now and very cute).
Daniel: All right. I'll take both of them.
Me: Thank you!

At this point, I can hardly hold back the smile thinking of the joy of fifteen minutes alone in my house...this never happens. I come up with the wild and crazy plan of watching tv (something non animated) while folding the laundry.

Garage door opens.
Back door shuts.
Car door opens.
Car door shuts.
Back door opens.
Hannah walks in.

Daniel: Hannah's going to stay with you.
Me, running: No! It's okay! Go with Daddy!
Hannah: (with huge tears) But I have to stay with you 'cause you don't have a buddy. I want to be your buddy. You would be all by yourself, mommy!

At this point, I saw the depth of her feeling and realized she had come up with this all on her own and I melted. I nixed the laundry idea and we had a mother/daughter snuggle fest. I was happy just to sit with a three year old who was thinking of someone other than herself.


Stacy said...

Hannah is just so sweet!!!!

Jennifer said...

That was the sweetest thing... sounded like you had a better time than watching tv and folding clothes. enjoy them.

Jo Ellen said...

That is so, so sweet!

jkstrib said...

Oh, what a moment to store in your treasure box for the dreaded teenage years. I will NEVER forget the first time Sally decided it was not "cool" to be seen with Aunt JuJu. :( Thank heavens for memories!

Rhonda said...

Oh how precious!! What sweet girls you have. :)

Barbara Hoffman said...

So Precious!!

Summer Laney said...

So sweet:)