Monday, November 16, 2009

October went where?

So, October seemed like vapor around here. My house is still decorated in pumpkins and scarecrows while most of my neighors are already rolling out Christmas. Oh, well!

Among other things the girls and I started BSF this month and love it. It's an intense Bible study course that offers year long programs. We are studying the gospel of John. I say "we" because the girls are studying what I am studying. The children's program is amazing. If you want to know more, just holler. I'd love to bring you with me sometime. It meets Thursday mornings from 9:10-11:10 downtown.

Can't let the month go by without showing off my girls in their princess garb. They loved every minute of Trunk or Treat but their favorite experience was handing out candy at our house. They squealed and ran every time the doorbell rang. :)


The Rogers Family said...

Oh my gosh! Hannah looks so grown up! You need a house with a basement so you can lock her up and not let her out till she's 30.

Jennifer said...

I have always wanted to do that class, I wish they offer it night or I could get away with taking an extra hour a week lunch...I have heard so many wonderful things about it... can't wait to hear about India... Miss ya chick