Friday, November 20, 2009

Lessons from India, part 3 and 4

3. I am most effective when I am empty of pride and have nothing to offer the Lord but obedience.
Monday was particularly difficult for me because in addition to my own feelings of inadequacy, I was trying to acclimate to different translators and I came up against a lot of spiritual resistance. Most of these people were Hindus, many were Buddhists, and some were Muslim. I felt tossed about and discouraged by the great spiritual battle I was engaged in. So many times, I would look at the physical condition of those I was sharing with and feel inadequate. I thought, "If only I had skills like our incredible doctors and nurses!" The Lord taught me in those moments that while we were healing bodies as a means to share the gospel, the physical comfort and healing we offered the people is temporary. Eternal spiritual healing is the greatest act of humanitarian relief, compassion, and intervention!
On the 16 hour plane flight from Chicago to Delhi, I worked on some BSF homework and read the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man beside the pool of the 5 porches. The question was asked, "What paralysis do you need to bring to Jesus?" Well, my answer was my paralysis over sharing the gospel. I am open about my faith and I share often about how God is working in my life, but for some reason I freeze when it comes to simply saying to someone, "Have you come to the point in your life where you know that Jesus is your personal savior and redeemer?" 24 hours later I began work in the prayer room and I presented the gospel somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 times. I am not even able to count how many people I led to the Lord, and at least once led 9 at one time. Many times I would ask, "Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?" and the person in question would slowly shake his/her head. I cannot even begin to express what a joy it is to speak the name that is above every name into the life of someone for the first time! This leads me to another learned lesson:
4. We should not feel the need to apologize for the gospel of Jesus Christ!In the States, when someone says, "I'm Muslim" or "I'm Hindu," we back off in respect of their views. In the prayer room, we went toe to toe with their gods. See, Satan is a liar. He would have these people who have so little to believe that they serve gods who need a constant flow of gifts. Trinkets, beads, insensce, replicas set in stone, we saw all of it on the way up the mountain to the camp. I serve the one and only Son of the One True God and He needs nothing from me because He cannot be contained by a temple made with human hands! He does not want to politely co-exist with the false gods of our own making when He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Friends, when someone left that prayer room after they really "got it," truly accepted the Lord and walked away changed, there was no mistaking it in their countenance! Because He is the God of all hope and comfort! Praise Him!

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