Friday, April 3, 2009

A Good Week and Good Deals

It's been a good week. The thought of no scheduled activities for the week frightened me, I'll admit it. But there's something refreshing about not rushing around (because I don't care how much time you have to get ready something happens when you try to get your kids out the door that makes you have to rush) all week. We've read and played and tickled and laughed. I feel closer to both of my girls, which is odd to say since I spend every waking moment with them except when I am at church. But it's been good. God is good.

Oh, and the coupon shopping we've done! You have to go do these:
Get some free and/or make a penny Kraft dressing. (Use your 1.50 SS coupon, they're bogo for 2.99) I heart the Asian Toasted Sesame Reduced Fat.
Get some 20 cents-ish chex mix. (Use your SS coupon, they're bogo for 2.29)
Buy some Quakes (tiny cheesy or ranchy rice cakes that actually DO taste good, my girls gobble them up). Use your $1 off coupon and grab a bag of the Publix knockoffs for their "buy theirs, get ours free" special. Makes them each less than $1.

Emerald Snack Mix. Don't use your 1.50/2 coupon on the big cans of nuts--you will end up still paying upwards of $5. Use it on the BOGO snack mixes, which run about $2-$3. The breakfast blend is rocking my socks off right now. Yummy!
Wash it down with some free powerade using your Valpack coupon. They're 4/$3 at Bi-Lo. They'll double your .50 off coupon and pay you to take it home!

Join their JJ club. They'll send you a free sippy (never have enough of those) and a printable for $1 off 2. Hold onto it because Bi-Lo and Publix run those BOGO a lot.

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Kim said...

Yeah! I totally missed that Kraft dressing one! I dont have any of the other coupons... but I may have to send Jacob to Publix on his way home from work this week to get the free dressing... I'm sure by Monday we'll need something else anyways... :) Thanks for posting - I'm still learning and love to learn from you!