Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Favorite Sister Conversations

Today, my girls each came home from an activity with a bag of Easter eggs. Wisely, the adult had taken the candies out of Emily's, assuming I was picky about which candies I allowed her to eat. I found some acceptable candy and put half in one of Emily's egg and half in one of Hannah's egg. I put Hannah in charge of passing one to Mimi and got in the driver's seat.

This conversation ensued:
Hannah: Pick a hand Mimi (holding both eggs tauntingly beyond Emily's reach).
Emily: My hand, Hannah!
Hannah: No, Mimi, pick a hand.
Emily: My hand, Hannah!
Hannah: No, Mimi, which one?
Emily: Ah!
Hannah: Point, Mimi.
Emily: Point, Hannah! (thinking this must be the new word for egg).
Hannah: Point, Mimi!
Emily: Poooinnnttt! (gesturing at the eggs)
Hannah: Which one, Mimi?
Emily: My mouth Hannah!
Hannah: Mimi!
Emily: Hannah!
At this point, I don't remember what happened next because I was laughing too hard. But everyone got candy in the end.

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The Rogers Family said...

I have tears in my eyes I am laughing so hard. I can just imagine poor Emily's frustration.