Monday, November 10, 2008

Why CJ?

If you're just joining me, you might wonder at the title of the blog. Let's just say that if I'd written a five-year plan five years ago, I would have never predicted my current lifestyle and status. Stay-at-home mother of two would not have made the list. There are days when I stand in the shower and think, "How long can I stay in here before the girls come looking for me?" :)

Four years ago, we had cable. We had long, uninterrupted dinners. We slept in on Saturdays and occasionally spent the entire day on the couch. We went on dates all the time. Then came Hannah! And Emily came tumbling after. And now I've lost two cell phones in one month. The last manicure I had was with a pair of Safety First childs clippers. I have eaten more hot dogs than I would care to count. And something in this house smells. Always. :)

So I find myself on this journey, sometimes toward contentment, sometimes away from contentment. But always the Father is there writing me this amazing loveletter. Today--this is how he did it: the firstborn is always the first to wake in this house. I brought her downstairs all rosycheeked and warm like she is when she wakes up. We talked about the letter of the day and how she slept and then we turned on PBS. She snuggled up on my chest, in my arms, and watched Curious George with me. The whole time I was living the moment, drowsy but thinking, "Thank you God! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" The same feeling hit me as the three of us took an impromptu picnic in the backyard today and attacked several piles of leaves.

Don't get me wrong--there was a lot of laundry, too many spankings, ironing, stressing, and always too much nose wiping, but I look to my Savior today and I hope every day and say without a doubt, "I am satisfied in You!" He is good.


Jennifer said...

I am glad your 5 yr plan didn't come out to your plan but to God's plan.. Maybe w/ yours we would not have meet and I wouldn't be bless to sitting in a room w/ you on Sunday teaching high school girls.. Thank you also reminding me what is important..

jkstrib said...

Ahhhh! Another blog to be addicted to. I love it! I am so glad His plan allows me to know and love all the Snooks! I'll be reading. :)

Summer Laney said...

Glad to see you are venturing into the blogging world. It is alot fun but mostly addicting! It's nice to be able to keep up with everyone!

Kim said...

Welcome too blog world! Yea - a new blog to read & family to get to know better :)

Stacy Cotheran said...

Yes we think we have our lives all planned out but God has the real plan. I have been at home now almost 10 years. Some days I wish I worked outside the house.But then I would miss so many things. It's all the little things that I love.

The Rogers Family said...

Welcome! Here is the link to our blog.