Friday, November 21, 2008

Pop Tarts, Computers, and Laundry

As you can tell, today's post is a random collection of thoughts. Let me be real. Yes, I love my life and my husband and children but I do not have it all together. And is anyone in agreement that winter is THE hardest time to be a stay-at-home mom? Any other month, my fenced-in backyard is like an extra room, the room we prefer to all others. Yesterday we spent a good hour out there but today I won't even consider taking them out because it's so blustery.

Here's something real that I don't get. I was talking to a friend about breakfast. I just run out of ideas of exciting things to feed toddlers for breakfast. And they are no end of picky! She mentioned pop tarts. I promptly bought a box thinking I had a no-effort solution for this morning. (Mind you I split it between the two and supplemented with fruit and yogurt). You would have thought I was trying to serve them aspargus wrapped in brussel sprouts! It was an all out rebellion. Over pop tarts! Eh.

Computers--we got a laptop! It is great, though I secretly wonder if I have become a blogaholic and that is the real reason I wanted one?

Finally, it amazes me how much laundry four people can make. I do laundry every day. And as soon as I "finish" someone makes a biohazard mess on something and I have to start again anyway. Juxtapose this with the fact that I am preparing a Sunday school lesson on gratitude and you see the problem. Is laundry making me grouchy? So here's to a grateful gripe list...

5. I never have alone time--Thank you, Father that you promise I am never alone!
4. I am tired of cooking--Thank you for the four mouths that come to this table every day and eat their fill.
3. I am sick of laundry--Thank you for my washing machine! I would be one Grumpy Gus if I was slapping these shirts on a washboard every morning.
2. I am sick of laundry--Thank you for closets and drawers full of warm clothes.
1. I am tired--Thank you for my two little bosses and the joy that it is to work for them and for You.

Well, I just heard the dryer stop so I better go!


Barbara Hoffman said...

Great list... an awesome way to put things into a new prospective

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for your prayers, we are so excited and just ready for Bailey to get here! :)

Summer Laney said...

Love the list!

You'll have to pay extra attention to my Thanksgiving deals with poptarts.