Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thirty-three years ago today...

my precious husband was born. Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Before starting college at Auburn University, I had decided I simply would not date. Yes, hang out with friends and go out for fun but I didn't want to start out college with a serious relationship. Second day at Auburn, I met Daniel. Two weeks later, we were dating, and we both knew we'd be married one day. Nearly thirteen years later, I am thankful that God's ways were higher than my ways.

Daniel, for being someone who has seen me at my worst, loved me, and brought out my best, thank you. For being evidence in my life that God works all things together for his good, thank you. For showing me that God can transform those who are yielded to him, thank you. For being a wonderful husband and father, thank you! I love you. Happy birthday.


Summer said...

Hope Daniel has a great birthday!!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!! Hope you have a wonderful day!