Thursday, February 19, 2009


A few weeks ago we began the process of finding a gymnastics venue for Hannah's debut as a gymnast. Thanks to our friend Jo Ellen, we found Spartanburg Gymnastics and have loved it. But it's been very eventful!

First week, well we affectionally called that week "gymspastics." It was a hoot! But Hannah is advancing/mastering the basics on schedule and having a great time.

Second week, the owner came into the area where the parents sit and said, "Does anyone have a gray chevrolet?" I admitted this was probably me. "Well," she says, "the lights are flashing, the trunk is popping, and the horn is blowing." How exciting. Yes, Emily had gotten hold of my keys with the remote attached and was literally pushing my buttons.

And last week was just as embarrasing. We are proudly watching Hannah do her sequence, which includes a difficult leg lifting move. It was looking pretty awkward and jerky and Daniel said, "What is she doing?" I looked at him and laughed, and then saw horror on his face. "Sarah Beth, she's peeing!" he cried. Yep. Giant puddle on the carpeted gym floor. I went over there and claimed her, cleaned her up and changed her into a little sweatsuit we had. Mind you, we go to gymnastics commando and there was no changing that at this point. But she would do what she must to get back out there.

Today my goal is to take pictures, so if something else amazing happens I will have proof! :)


Stacy said...

Sorry but I am laughing so hard at her peeing on the floor.Sometimes you just gotta!!!

Jennifer said...

So when is class? I think y'all could charge for all the comedy.... I am sure the people around you are saying wonder what the Snooks are going to do tonight...That is to

JESSICA said...

Those stories are priceless!I am so glad that you are back in blog land.

Barbara Hoffman said...

If you are ever interested they do a gymnastics class at the ELC after school so she can stay an extra hour and do it there... and I think it is a little cheaper... Maybe for next school year

Kim said...

Too funny! Stacy was still laughing at the VBS meeting last night :) I'm sure its great to know your family provides so much entertainment! (I know my turn is coming!)